We use an online service from Flight Schedule Pro (FSP) to manage our aircraft scheduling, your bookings, and to track your training progress.

To enroll, head to the Flight Schedule Pro sign-up page or download their app.

Once you have completed the initial process, we’ll action the request to approve your enrollment as soon as we can.

When approved, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

You then need to login at Flight Schedule Pro with the username and password you created, look in the Documents area of your profile and complete it, including:

  1. Photo ID

  2. Emergency contact details

  3. Profile Photo

If you don’t yet have your medical, that’s ok, but remember you can’t go solo without at least a Class 2 so start that process as soon as possible.

Once you’re fully enrolled in FSP we’ll begin to track your progress and log your hours against the lessons as you progress. You’ll also be able to see your scheduled lessons, and any gaps in the schedule where you think you’d like to fly. Call us on 07 5753210 or email your lesson request to info@flytac.co.nz and we’ll confirm your booking request ASAP (let us know the aircraft registration number and the instructor please).