Low Flying Zone

The Tauranga Aero Club is the CAA designated using agency for low flying areas L264 and L265, in accordance with CAR 91.131 and as per the NZAIP ENR 5.3. Both L264 and L265 are available for general use subject to the following conditions:

Mandatory Requirements

  1. All flights within L264 or L265 shall be dual training flights. Solo flight is not permitted. The pilot in command must hold an instructor rating issued under Part 61 or a microlight pilot instructor certificate issued under Part 103.

  2. Day only.

  3. Passengers are not permitted.

  4. CAR 91.131 states that any aircraft in a low flying area must be operated without hazard to persons or property on the surface.

Please download the Tauranga Aero club’s memorandum of understanding pack below to learn more about the use of Taurangas’ low flying zones and local training areas.