Young Eagles

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The Young Eagles scheme is administered by the Royal New Zealand Aero Club. It is a scheme designed to introduce young people to flying, whether as a hobby or as a career. Individual aero clubs around the country run their own local chapters. Aero club members who are licenced pilots take Young Eagle members for flights and organise training sessions and events for their chapter members. The following information is from the Royal New Zealand Aero Club.

Ever wondered what it’s like to fly?

A Young Eagle member doesn’t have to wonder what flying is like, as they experience flying for themselves! You will get to look down on the world below, an experience not everyone gets, all from inside the safety of an aircraft. Sound exciting to you? Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. We invite you to take to the skies and become a member of the Royal New Zealand Aero Clubs Young Eagles

How do I become a Young Eagle?

Contact your local Aero Club and they will welcome you into their programme. You will be given a special Young Eagles Registration Form, please make sure that you fill it in correctly and don’t forget to get your parents/guardians to sign the permission form.

Please remember, you must be between the ages of 13-16. Return the form to your Aero Club and you will be introduced to your Co-ordinator and to a pilot who has been given specials permission to conduct your flight Your Special Pilot has been chosen because he/she is a very safe and competent pilot. They know how to look after you, both in the air and on the ground.

More information about the Young Eagles training scheme can be found on their website: